Thursday, September 15, 2011

Here are some pics from my adventures at SPX2011.
Met tons of cool people and did a wee bit of drinking. :-)

I was STAFF, motherfuckers! (which is pretty cool if you couldn't get a table)
I also used my fledgling ink brush skills to draw a SCORPENIS. 
 I also drew an unshucked cob of corn. It's just fuckin CORN, people.
I also drew a picture of my mom's dog for her. His name is Ridley.
And then I drew something for myself. Her name is hot chick.
 I also attended the Ignatz Awards reception and hung out with my friend Eden who wore a hot dress, which inspired people to give her free mini-comics.
 And hanging out with and meeting new people is pretty much all that happened.
Or at least it was all that happened worth mentioning.